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What We Offer

Abiding Pastures Farm sells Great Pyrenees puppies, non-gmo pork, and A2A2 Jersey cows. Click on the pictures below for more information. We also have a blog sharing information about our homestead. We share information about animals, food preservation, farming, living off-grid and more.


Contact Us!

Winston-Salem, NC

abidingpasturesfarm at

(336) 757-0101


A Little Bit About Us


Who We Are

Abiding Pastures is a small sustainable family farm in central North Carolina comprised of 22 acres. We raise most of what both we and our animals eat on the farm. We are seeking to improve our soil to raise nutrient dense vegetables, fruit, and pasture to provide the very best feed for our animals and nutrient dense food for us and our grandchildren.


What We Do

Our goal is to feed the soil and regenerate the land. Our cows and sheep are raised by intensive rotational grazing so that the soil is enriched and the animals can live naturally as God intended. Each of our animals: cows, sheep, pigs, ducks, guineas, chickens, and bees provide a vital link in the cycle of regeneration and renewal for the land.


Why We Do It

Our favorite thing to do is be outside with our grandchildren nurturing the land and sharing with our grandchildren what it really means to take care of the piece of the earth that God has given us.


(336) 757-0101

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