About Us

Abiding Pastures Farm is a family-owned and run self-sufficient farm in the Piedmont region of North Carolina. We enjoy gardening and building our soil. We enjoy making our food from scratch using what we grow as much as possible. We make our own soaps and lotions. We milk our cows and make our own butter, yogurt and cheese. We grow our own herbs for medicinal uses. We have a wood stove and try to be off-grid as much as possible. What began as a dream to homestead as sustainably and naturally as possible, has grown into a 22 acre farm. When Mike and Kathy bought the original 5 acres, they had 2 married daughters and a handful of grandkids. God grew their self-sufficient farm and their family, and they are the proud grandparents of 11 grandkids now. We homeschool year round and love watching the children learn. All of the grandkids have a hand in portions of the self-sufficient farm, and there is nothing like getting to meet new Khatadin lambs and Great Pyrenee's puppies with little ones' excitement. Our farm has grown to include Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dogs, A2A2 Jersey cows, chickens, ducks, pasture raised pork, guineas and more.