$195 Grass-fed Beef Giveaway for Adoption!

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

I love it when two of my passions meet in a beautiful way. For those of you who know us personally, we are passionate about regenerating the land and feeding our family with nutrient dense food. But we are also passionate about adoption. We adopted our fourth child over ten years ago now, and it has been the best journey of refinement, joy, and understanding of what God did when He adopted us. How do these two things fit together? We'll answer that question below.

We are teaming up with our great friends at Reverence Farms, Hue and Suzanne Karreman to give away $195 worth of grass-fed beef that can ship anywhere in the 48 states. With COVID and meat processing plants having to close down periodically for cleaning, this is just an amazing time to learn about some new sources of quality food, raised just the way you want it. The beef is grass-fed and grass-finished. If you've ever had grass-fed and finished beef, you'll never be satisfied with "grocery store" beef again. It's better than any steak house we know.

We are particularly fond of this beef because first, we know and approve completely of how it was raised and have seen their practices in action. And second, almost all of the cows on our farm were raised first on Reverence Farms and they are truly just amazing cows - the way a cow starts off its life truly matters! Our Peace, Constance, Claireabelle, Candace, Paris, and Leo all started off life as Reverence Farm cows, but now live here.

Meet the Javiers

So, how does this giveaway work? Well, to do that, let me introduce you to another set of friends of ours. Brittany and Miguel Javier are an amazing couple that we met through our church and Brittany and I work together in our Student Ministry. Over two years ago, they started a process to adopt. Their amazing story is on their adoption blog. They are working with Woven Papyrus Adoption Project to raise money for their upcoming international adoption. The story of how they got to international adoption is amazing. They are looking to adopt an older sibling set internationally.

International adoptions are incredibly expensive because they involve things like visas, international travel and boarding, various administrative fees from the host and receiving countries, and citizenship paperwork. Their page on the Woven Papyrus Web site gives an idea of the breakdown of their expenses. So, we're doing what we can to help our friends answer this noble call. We'd love it if you could help, too.

No amount is too small. Feel free to share this, even if you can't personally contribute financially.

How to donate and enter the giveaway:

  1. You can receive one entry for donating, and you can donate here. You can donate more than one time if desired.

  2. You can receive one entry daily for sharing a link to this page on Facebook. You can do this daily.

  3. You can receive one entry for sharing a link to this page on Twitter. You can do this daily as well.

  4. Once you have done any of these steps click on this link to Rafflecopter and you can enter which of these options you have done. Feel free to come back daily and enter again by sharing.

This giveaway will run from 7/6/20 at midnight EST until 7/15/20 at midnight EST. The winner will be randomly chosen using Rafflecopter and we will notify the winner within 48 hours. Please respond back within 24 hours to our notice that you won. If the winner does not respond back within 24 hours, we will choose another winner randomly. You do not have to donate to enter, sharing can help get them closer to their adoption as well.

This giveaway is completely random. We receive no compensation for this giveaway. We are doing this giveaway to support this adoption.

Click here to donate to the Javiers' Adoption

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