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Updated: Feb 8, 2020

It was a hot day and Matt and I arrived at a farm about an hour away from here. We were there to potentially buy a couple of cows. What we didn’t realize was that God had a bigger and better plan well past cows. He was about to start us on a beautiful friendship and mentorship.

We pulled into Reverence Farms, owned by Hue and Suzanne Karreman and fell in love. As she showed us around, for the first time in our farming experience there was a real person in front of us that we could ask our real, burning practical questions to, instead of just desperately reading everything we could get our hands on. More than that, over the next year, they became wonderful friends.

As you enter into this new phase of life, you may have never farmed before. Or maybe a relative farmed, but you are trying something new. It feels strange and there are so many unknowns. As you add animals into the mix, you feel this awesome sense of responsibility. You have living creatures that you are responsible for. God was serious about the commands of Genesis 1 where we were to have dominion over creation, and it’s a daunting responsibility as you put more and more lives under your care. You want to do it right, but you mess up more times that you should.

So, I encourage you – begin to pray for community. Seek it out. Ask questions. Chances are there are more people out there than you think who have a desire to regenerate the land, and community is important.

We began to pray that God would send us real live people we could ask our questions of and not just books. God did. He answered our prayers. God is serious about His creation.

We will be forever grateful to Hue and Suzanne. They are farther along on this journey than we are and far busier, but they loved us where we were and have been wonderful friends that we couldn’t do without.

You guys should check out their website. They are kindred spirits as Anne of Green Gables used to say.

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