Adding mulch chips to the chicken run

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

This time of year the weather is starting to warm up. The kids are excited to get back outside more on the farm. The adults are excited as well! It is such a fun time of year. You can work hard outside and not get too hot or too cold usually. We took a couple of days last week to organize the farm for the upcoming season. We grabbed buckets of wood mulch and added them to the chicken run. The chickens will scratch and turn that wood mulch into rich soil for our garden. The kids were absolutely thrilled to get to fill their buckets and bring them in with the chickens. They love playing in the mulch! Even the little kids grab their small buckets and help. We were able to get the entire chicken run covered in a little less than two hours with all of the help. I love watching the kids work together. We had the best time talking and singing and breathing in the fresh, cool air. We are all looking forward to being outside more and more. It's exciting to plan the new garden and start planting! On Monday we will be planting onions! The oldest grandchild on the farm will even be coming back to help. It is so much fun to watch everything start to grow. We are really, really looking forward to spring! Winter has been a great time of homeschooling, canning, butchering etc. but soon we will be outside more and more. Yay!!

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