Double Digging Soil

When we started our first garden, we double dug the soil. It was amazing what we grew. I faithfully read How to Grow More Vegetables and planted the companions he suggested. The entire idea of “just plant” is so true.

Here is what we did.

We double dug soil along the side of our garage. Here we had just enough room for one 4 foot wide bed and one 2 foot wide bed. I planted early spring crops of lettuce, broccoli and onion sets. I was so excited to have fresh salads and broccoli. When the time came those beds turned into green beans that we ran on string up the side of the garage to nails driven into a board attached to the garage. We planted limas, some herbs, tomatoes and other various vegetables. We learned that heat makes lettuce too strong to eat and that killing a snake can destroy every lima bean plant if you do not know what you are doing and are terrified. (The “we” here is really me, my husband would never have killed the snake.)

There was broccoli in the freezer, green beans and tomato sauce in canning jars, and shrimp from a friend in the freezer. I was learning to buy on sale and in bulk. We were able to eat fresh vegetables pretty much year round because we lived in Houston. The grocery bill was smaller and I had a great sense of accomplishment. I did not understand yet about organic gardening, the dangers of pesticides, and nutrient dense food, but I had accomplished one thing. I knew that we could grow our own food and be healthy. We did all of this on a tiny lot next to a garage. I realized that if we could do it, almost anyone could. I kept wondering why they did not.

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