Great Pyrenees protect us and our livestock

One day a few years ago, someone came to deliver something Mike needed for a building project. Ellie, our first Great Pyrenees (our Livestock Guardian Dog), trotted up to stand next to me. She had heard the truck back in and came to investigate. We have had numerous people on our property and she has loved them all. This man, however, she just would not stop growling and looking at him.

I told Ellie to sit and she did…right next to me…literally pressing against my leg and tugging on my hand. The man in the truck began to ask me about our kune kune pigs that we had at the time and asked if we would sell him a couple. I told him how much they cost and he seemed to get almost angry. Ellie growled again.

At one point, he started to step down off the truck. This time Ellie jumped up and did not exactly ignore my commands, but there was no way she was going to let that man off the truck. That began to bother me. I wondered if we were going to need to work with her some more or what?

A few days later, Mike went out to feed the pigs. Ellie had been staying over on the pasture with the sheep. We had pigs missing. Am I accusing this man? Not without proof…however…the coincidence was amazing. Did Ellie know something that I did not sense? Maybe. Maybe not.

This dog was our sheep dog, and yet, I really believe she was protecting me and our pigs. Sometime shortly after this incident, we bred Ellie and kept another of the litter. Now we breed these wonderful dogs to sell.

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