How we are improving our soil

Fast forward 11 years at our farm in North Carolina. This is a picture of what our soil looked like before and what it looks like now. The visible difference is amazing.

This soil represents truck load after truck load of wood chips that we have let compost. Today we put wood chips in the corral, pig pens and chicken coop. We make the most amazing fertilizer and compost that way. Still, it is not enough for the entire farm.

We manage the pastures now with intensive rotational grazing. We have read so many books, watched 100’s of YouTube videos and taken advantage of our wonderful ag agent’s classes. She has been amazing! Trips to Mother Earth News Fairs gave us wonderful encouragement and taught us that we could add mycorrhizal fungi to our soil. What an amazing difference it made!! Companion planting increased our yields and helped with the bugs. Since we don’t spray with chemicals, the bugs before improving the soil were overwhelming……so were the weeds.

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