How We Built Our Smokehouse

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

We built our smokehouse from trees we cut and had milled on our property.

It will hold 18 hams plus middlings, bacon, fatback.

At Thanksgiving time, we buy turkeys on sale because we cannot raise them for what they cost in the store. We smoke as many as we can in the smokehouse. We remove the met from the bone and can the meat. We then use it in soups, casseroles, fajitas, and stir fry, it is fantastic. It takes at least a week to process all the turkey's and then we start cooking broth from the carcasses. We also raise broilers but buying all the turkey's at Thanksgiving is a huge savings for us in time, feed, and the chance to prepare a years worth of meat at once. This is our poultry for the year and we store it in jars. Yes, it takes a LOT of shelves.

We have also used it as a hot smoker. The advantage of having an actual smoke house is the sheer number of animals and parts of animals that we can cook at a time. We can smoke as many as 36 Turkeys at a time.

We used an old BBQ smoker and put a flexible metal pipe on it to run cold smoke into the smoke house so it does not heat it up. This gives us the ability to cold smoke cheese, or our salted country hams.

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