How we started our path to self-sufficiency

Raising food is the first step to self-sufficiency.

We actually started in a duplex with self-watering pots on top of my cedar hope chest. There was a wonderful nursery in our little town where the owner explained why with my schedule that I needed something that would take care of itself.

Our granddaughter is away at college and is missing our early plantings that she always participated in. Her other grandmother gave her seeds and more to start some plants on her porch. This past fall she raised spices in pots on her porch.

Even if you live in a rental property, lettuce, kale, swiss chard, and broccoli are just some of the plants you can grow in a flower bed or self wicking pots on a porch. You will need fertilizer and consistent watering, but it can be done. If you line your flower beds with alternating colored lettuce, it will make a beautiful border and give you fresh salads regularly.

The important thing is to plant. You must start somewhere. I learned so much just from caring for the few plants on top of the cedar hope chest. It was a joy to watch things grow!

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