I Poured All the Milk Out

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

We get a lot of milk, but in general, we use every drop. But there are weeks where we end up being gone every night. The kids have been sick. I’ve been sick, or life just happens. I look in my fridge and see 10 gallons of milk sitting there and my heart sinks.

This never happens when the pigs are here because they consume massive quantities of milk a day, but after the pigs have been butchered for the year and I’m in massive cheesemaking mode in the fall a week hits like this last week. I can’t bring myself to make another 5 pound block of cheese – I haven’t even had a chance to properly store the last ones.

So, what do you do? You embrace imperfection. You get a brigade of kids and you hike out to the garden or the orchard and you pick the yuckiest spot that hasn’t yet produced a single thing and your pour the life giving nutrients into the soil. You don’t even cry that you didn’t scoop off the cream for butter. You come inside with 10 empty jars, you rinse them out, and you get ready to wash them. You realize something – life isn’t perfect. The soil needed the nutrients just as much as you did. Then you go play a game with your kids and snuggle in close. We don’t farm perfectly. We don’t live perfectly. But we thank God for each and every day He gives.

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