It is STILL Raining

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

We have had more rain that we can remember. The picture above is of one of the fields on our road. Ours is not nearly as bad, but the ground is so soft and gooey for lack of a better word.

This past Sunday as we were traveling three hours away, we got the phone call that every farmer dreads.

"Hey! This is your neighbor! I think this is your cow in our front yard."

While Mike is politely apologizing to our neighbor, I am frantically dialing our daughter and son-in-law hoping they have not yet left for church. First bit of good news, they had not yet left for church. Bad was the angus, our only beef cow and therefore the only one not used to be led into specific spots.

Bad news. All of the normal tricks failed because she refused to go near the road.

Some might say that is good news because she would not walk close to the road. She stepped over all the reels that we had set up to get her back. She refused to get on the stock trailer. She wandered into so many neighbors yards, we lost count.

Then came the call, "Pray. This is not going well!"

Reinforcements arrived. Thankfully, our older daughter saw her text messages. Her entire family left church and headed to help.

After 3 hours of unsuccessfully getting her to where she needed to be and regretting that the only gates were in places she refused to go. So, when all else fails....cut the fence, get the cow back in, and repair. That is what they finally did. When we inspected the fence, there was only one place she could have possibly gotten out. It has been raining so much that the ground is just soft. Probably rubbing on the same spot weakened a small place where a contrary cow could jump over.

The fence has now been reinforced, a barbed wire line has been added to the top, and the electrified line on the exterior fence is piping hot.

The good news. She was the only escapee. I had visions of all of our sheep, dairy cows, goats, the dogs and the bull grazing on the side of the road.

The bad news. It is RAINING.....again. We had to run to the basement for a tornado warning earlier today, and we were all soaked during chores. But the animals are IN!

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