Our Squash Solution

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

After losing so many squash plants and dealing with so many bugs, we decided we needed to be smarter, much smarter. Enter a new variety of squash called Tromboncino Squash. The stem on the vine of Tromboncino Squash is not hollow. The vine borer was not an issue as a result last year. The grandkids still enjoy using duct tape to grab the eggs of the squash bug so we had a great crop last year.

We love this squash. It tastes somewhat like a sweet zucchini if you pick it when it is small. It grows into a large oblong squash that will keep for several weeks in the fall. We don’t like it as much when it is mature, but the chickens…..they love it. We cook it first and they love the both the seeds and the squash.

We plan to plant a lot more this year and feed the pigs and chickens with it through the summer and into the fall. This plant also climbs fences well. I am thinking that we could plant it on trellises when the early peas are pulled out. That should give us a constant source of squash.

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