Our story - living in a small duplex

Early in our marriage we lived in a small duplex. We covered a chest in front of the window with plastic and learned to raise potted plants. They were beautiful and I was hooked on watching things grow.

We were poor and Mike was trying to finish seminary. I really had no idea how to save money and was a TERRIBLE cook. I knew we had to do something, but was not sure what to do. A friend suggested that we buy a cow and put it in our freezer. It would be a small one from her herd just off its mama. It was an up front cost, but what a savings!

When dove season came, Mike shot his quota and we had dove. I made numerous phone calls to his grandmother to find out how to cook them. They were so good! The beef was so good!

We could not plant anything but I learned that there were ways to source local meat in a rural area. There was no Craig’slist then and no Internet. It was not as easy 40 years ago for someone just starting on this journey, but I began to realize it was possible to eat cheaper and healthier.

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