Putting ash out to improve our acidic soil

We are always trying to improve our soil. We use our animals, coffee grounds, scraps, grow mushrooms, and even add leftover milk. We test our soil and try to ensure that it is as nutrient dense and healthy as we can get it.

Our soil where we live is hard red clay, but we have slowly been turning it into dark, rich, healthy soil. We are working on extending our garden again. This new area needs to really have help to improve its soil. We don't want to waste anything on our farm, so we save our ash from the wood stove. This ash is great to add to our soil. Our soil there is acidic, so we add wood ash and it helps to improve the pH of our soil so that the plants can grow better.

We brought up the ash in bowls and buckets and just scattered it on the ground.

I had a cute little helper who helped me to carry up one of the buckets. He got chilly and borrowed my jacket. Then he ran around collecting things that we wouldn't want in the garden, while I scattered the ash. He loved watching it from a distance because he said that it looked like clouds. We are working on preparing that land this winter so that in the spring when we plant, the plants will grow better. We are constantly looking for ways to regenerate the land, and using wood ash is one of the ways.

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