Seed Varieties we use in zone 7 North Carolina

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

It is so important to use seeds that grow well in your area. Here are some varieties of seeds that do really well where we live in zone 7 on our North Carolina homestead.

Green beans – Mountain half runner

Purple hull peas

Yellow granex onions

Broccoli – calabrese sprouting

Corn – silver queen for sweet corn

Lettuce – butter crunch

Potatoes – a mix here of Kinnebec and Yukon Gold

Okra – Clemson Spineless

Tomatoes – The opinions at our house vary on this. Our favorite heirloom tomato is Cherokee Purple but it is subject to blight, Amish tomato paste for making sauces of all sorts,

Peppers – Anaheim for green chilis, cayenne for red pepper flakes and spray for bugs, jalapeno for salsa and California Wonder Bell Peppers

trommbonchinao squash – because we are tired of fighting the vine borer. It is relentless.

Lima Beans - Henderson Bush

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