Sustainable Farm Dream

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

I am not certain when I first began to wonder if food production could be sustainable. Maybe it was watching my grandparents in the 60’s attempting to eek out an existence from worn out sandy land in South Alabama. Maybe it was listening to my dad as we walked along the road that ran along the border of his old farm in South Alabama talking about how “rich” they were during the Great Depression because they could raise food. Maybe it happened after I married and met Mike’s grandmother, who had farmed with her husband in the mountains of Appalachia. They were all different but the same. They were survivors who valued the land and what it could produce for them.

Here at Abiding Pastures we started with worn out tobacco land where the top soil had been scraped away to pave the way for buildings that were never built and recreation areas. That first year’s garden was an absolute disaster for us. I knew it would be. I had learned from our various moves that it was all about the dirt and this dirt was worn out red clay that choked the life out of even the weeds that tried to grow out of the rock hard soil. We knew that in order to be sustainable, we first must heal the dirt. It had to be completely renewed to drain water well and yet hold the nutrients that we would begin to feed it.

This blog is the story of renewal….not just the dirt, but ours as well. If we were going to abide here, we would need to replenish the ground as God intended from the beginning of time. Man was to care for the first garden. We needed to care for ours.

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