The Daily Journal January 28, 2020

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Two of the grandkids fed the dogs and the chickens before 7:00 AM. We only had half a bucket of scraps this morning so it required feed supplement for the chickens. Milk is clabbering on the counter to supplement feed for tomorrow morning. There were only six duck eggs this morning. Laying is picking up, however, as the days lengthen.

I feel as though the chicken run is a muddy mess in spite of the layer of woodchips because we have had so much rain. I wouldn’t want to lay an egg either if I was a chicken. Maybe that is why the ducks are laying better than the chickens. Still, in spite of the mud, I would rather be outside on this beautiful day instead of closed up in a coop. As Mike’s grandmother used to say, “I just can’t stand anything being caged up.” I can’t either.

Mike discovered a short in the fence on the pasture yesterday. After moving the cows, sheep and goats to a new paddock, he was off to fix shorts in the fence and work on a grounding issue. With an electric fence this is a regular occurrence. Thank God for instruments that show us which direction the short is from the issue.

Inside, the rest of us are attempting to get a better fire going in the wood stove. With all the kids here for homeschooling today, we forgot to keep adding a log every hour so that the soup could cook on the wood stove. I have a timer set now, but I just got consumed with Algebra 1 for the 7th graders and forgot to keep checking.

Tuesdays are exciting days because a Spanish tutor comes to work with the kids. Even the four year old is learning Spanish from this wonderful lady from Honduras. She is a wonderful friend and has meant so much to the children.

While she is here, Mike and I are going to help a friend learn how to clean out her wood stove. If you have one, you should know how to clean it yourself. Stoves that have an oven are somewhat trickier to deal with. We watched YouTube videos until we could figure it out. Lehman’s has a great one!

Then, it will be back to finish planning out the garden and finish checking our seed supply. It is time to start cauliflower, cabbage, and more onion seeds where we live. That will happen at some point this week after we figure out exactly where we want them planted and get the hoops in place for the row cover. Things are about to really be busy on the homestead.

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