The Daily Journal, January 29, 2020

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Duck Egg

Today was cold, but beautiful. We only had one duck egg this morning which was disappointing to all of us. We have been battling an infestation of rodents and are trying to take care of the issue before spring. I figure they are stealing some of our eggs.

Breakfast: Eggs and Middlings - YUMMY!

Breakfast was our fresh eggs and middlings from our pigs.

Middlings (The best part of the pig in our opinion!)

We really like middlings. To us, they are almost better than bacon. The middlings were salted in a salt box for 6 weeks and then smoked for 3 days and cut into approximately 2 x 6 inch chunks and sealed in freezer bags. We trim the skin from the side and cut into thin slices. We line an iron skillet with the meat and cook it in our oven until done. If we do this in the wood stove instead of our propane stove, then we must cover to keep the grease from spattering and possible catching fire. Today we used the propane stove. Then, we pour our fresh eggs over the top and bake until the eggs are set. Sometimes we add whatever greens are in the garden or leftover from the night before. The adults like it with mushrooms, but the grandkids think we are being inhumane and cruel to even suggest such a thing. I like it topped with our homemade cheese.

I usually have my eggs with our version of bullet coffee. We love Trim Healthy Mama products and I mix my coffee with their collagen, whey powder, gelatin, stevia, and lecithin. I add a healthy dose of vanilla or butter and nut flavoring, a dash of sea salt, and some cinnamon. I mix it all with the Blentek and sip on it most of the morning.

A typical day here in the winter time begins with us rising early for coffee or tea and time studying our Bibles. We are usually moving forward with the day by 6:00 or 6:30 and the boys head out for chores as it is getting light. The girls help in the kitchen with whatever is left from the night before and getting breakfast ready. Karen leaves to milk the cows as soon as it is light. Right now, we only have two in milk so it takes less time, but there is always something to repair. Today it was the propane heater for the water to sterilize the milker parts. Mike fixed that this morning.

By 8:00, everyone is here, both daughters and grandkids to start the day of homeschooling or homestead work. In winter the day is mostly homeschooling, except for animals and whatever might be growing in the greenhouse. This year, the greenhouse is unused because we must replace the plastic. We will start our cauliflower and cabbage this week inside and them move the starts to cold frames or row covers depending on the temperature.

The wood stove is going so soups are sitting on it and the aroma is fantastic. Today I was better about feeding the fire all day and it burned well.


Mike did more fencing repair. He is adding another electric wire to our middle paddocks to help contain the sheep better. That will bring it to 4 wires spaced at 9 inches for the first three then 12 inches for the fourth. I hope this keeps them in. He tries to keep the fence at 8,000 volts for it to have any effect on them. We have several more ewes ready to have their lambs and we check each day to see how they are doing.

Because the day begins around 4:30 or 5:00 for us, we are in bed by 9:00 if not before.

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