The Wood Stove

Our Pioneer Princess is essential for our homestead. We heat our entire house with our wood stove.

It gives us hot water when it rains so much that our solar hot water is only lukewarm. It has a water reservoir on the back and we keep two large pots on the cook top to add moisture to the air.

Today, we heated soup on the stove for lunch. Food cooked on a wood stove justs tastes so much better to us! When we are in a hurry, we still use our propane stove, but when there is time, then we love our wood stove.

It dries our clothes. Mike welded a large pipe clothes hanger that moves up and down on pulleys to act as our clothes drier. That single creation has saved us a fortune on using the drier in the winter. The winter is a real challenge for off grid clothes drying, especially this winter when it has been so wet. It hangs over the counter in front of the wood stove.

It lets us play pioneer. The kids love it. Under careful supervision, the kids have learned what it takes to start a fire. They have learned what "fat wood" is and how to harvest it. They understand the pupose of kindling and why dry wood is so important. The wonderful thing is that a tree company delivers logs that would otherwise go to a landfill or left to rot and we burn it for free. The wood ash is then spread on our garden and pastures to help improve the soil.

It dries out our egg shells before we crush them and return them to the chickens or use them in the garden. The oven cooks wonderful bread, heats toast and gives extra heat when we are freezing after chores.

Our wood stove is one of my favorite kitchen appliances.

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