Tick Killing Monster

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

Everything loves guinea or hates them. Their sound is some of the most annoying noise ever. It is SO LOUD!! We have had guineas for years because they eat ticks. One of the houses we moved into several years ago had ticks everywhere. The people before us had lots of dogs and apparently, lots of ticks. Even the neighbors reported to us about the ticks.

After some on-line research we decided on guineas and went to buy our first three from a local breeder. They were already adults. We should have known better. Guineas love to roam. We did put them in the chicken coop for several days and did not let them out. We had read they would go back into the coop at night that way. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. That was the last time they went near the coop. After that they roosted on the top of the small barn and in trees. We had them for awhile and had a terrible time keeping them confined to our three acres. The neighbors did not seem to mind that they roamed, but I did. I am one of those people who think you should keep your animals on your property.

They did eat the ticks. It was not long before we could not find any ticks. Guineas are amazing for ticks. Then, we read that they taste like pheasant. We decided we would see if they did because we were tired of trying to chase them out of the neighbor’s yard. It was quite the challenge to capture them. Finally, one night instead of roosting on top of the barn, they were roosting on the gutter. They do taste like pheasant, but we will probably never eat one again. They were just too hard to catch.

For bugs guineas are amazing. They do seem to like red things. Strawberries and tomatoes are red. Once they know where that delicious fruit is found, bugs are not nearly as exciting for them. We thought they would love Japanese Beetles. Chickens love Japanese Beetles. Guineas stared at them and went off to find tomatoes.

Guineas are delicious. The owls really think so. Dogs think so. Our dogs find them annoying with their constant chatter. Raccoons really like guinea. Not being able to confine guineas, we were soon guinealess. Lots of people raise guineas. I am thinking they raise them for the local wild animals.

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