Time Lapse Sheep Butcher

We have had 4 wethers that have needed to be slaughtered and butchered for a while, but have I mentioned that this has been the winter of RAIN? As well as 70 degree weather is not exactly conducive for meat processing. It was a day to divide and conquer. The girls had orthodontist appointments, there was cheese to be made, and 2 sheep to kill. My mom tackled sanitizing the kitchen to prep for the meat. I took the girls to the orthodontist and grocery shopped.

And the boys tackled the sheep. On sheep killing days, we clean out and sterilize an entire refrigerator. This isn't because the lamb takes up the entire space but because inevitably, there will be some dripping that occurs as lamb ages. We age our sheep for 21 full days. My mouth waters every time I think about getting to eat this meat. It is the best meat you will ever have. In America we are used to our beef. And our grass fed beef has no comparison, but my favorite meat is lamb. My mouth starts watering for lamb chops, lamb ribs, lamb burger, gyros...

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