Treating a Cow Naturally with Mastitis

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

Our cow Claireabelle had just calved. Cindy was adorable as you can tell in the above picture, and it was a fabulous day. I love the days I get the privilege of walking out and a new face greets me in the pasture. I had checked Claireabelle 2 days before and I had checked the calendar. She was a week out according to the calendar, but that afternoon a beautiful calf greeted us in the pasture.

We brought Claireabelle in for that first milking and discovered that while she was dry, she had developed dry cow mastitis. This time I was determined to master this naturally. I headed down to the house and mixed up a salve using coconut oil, peppermint oil, oregano oil, and melaleuca. We milked her four times a day and added the salve. We also treated her with garlic, apple cider vinegar, and made sure she stayed super clean which with intense rotational grazing, is not very hard to do.

Within 3 days, the mastitis was completely gone, and she was well on her way. The secret to most mastitis’s is super clean milking conditions, keeping a cow out of filth and muck, and just daily monitoring. During Claireabelle’s next dry cycle, we will be sure to bring her in daily and keep a better monitor of her udder so that if she develops dry cow mastitis again we can catch it immediately.

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