What we are doing March 2020

Normally, we use a mix of compost and potting mix that we order. This year, however, with the COVID-19 being forefront in everyone's mind, we are planting a lot more. We wound up making a run to tractor supply to buy this organic mix. It has actually been really easy to work with.

So far, we have 700+ feet of potatoes, 80 feet of onions. 60 feet of garlic, lettuce and radishes planted. We are still planting kale and watering to keep the tiny plants alive.

Mike and Matt are re-doing our chicken run so that the tractor can remove the composted manure instead of us manually hauling buckets. New wood chips and spent hay have been layered in the run for the birds entertainment. The chickens and ducks are venturing out to free range where our Great Pyr can watch over them.

Plenty of broccoli are waiting on us to finish stretching our weed cloth and burning the holes for the transplants. We must hurry with these to have them in the ground before it gets too warm.

Tomatoes have been started and beets are waiting for transplant. We have started our Batchelor Buttons to attract beneficial insects and Mike is installing a new watering system so that we do not drain our wells watering in the heat of summer.

Truly the biggest job is bed preparation to prevent weeds. Our garden is huge and hoeing and pulling weeds are just not our idea of fun. The grandkids are helping with everything. Even the two year old loves pushing his truck full of things he finds near the garden. Because the kids are homeschooled, we start school earlier in the summer and try to be finished with the year by March. They are helping us prep the garden and plant seeds. We love being outside together and with everyone else being out of school because of COVID-19, it is nice that they are as well.

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