Where's the Guernsey? That's a Holstein

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Back in the day, I had decided that maybe we should switch to guernsey cows. I had been doing my “research.” I had decided maybe guernseys were the way to go. This is not me knocking the guernsey breed, but the way many of them are being bred now, they just aren’t getting the longevity that some of the other breeds are.

So, I found the “perfect” guernsey cow. She had everything I was looking for…or so I thought. I called, the lady told me I was in luck – they had a truck headed my way and she would waive the shipping fee. I could have the cow tomorrow. I should have known…but I was blissfully unaware.

Our Guernsey arrived the next day, and I felt the gentle nudging of the Holy Spirit – “tell him to put her back on the truck.” This was a mistake. I ignored it, horrified at the thought of telling him to put her back on. But as our “halter-trained” guernsey drug the delivery man down the lane to the corral – I should have listened.

We were told she was bred and she would deliver in the next couple of months. She was bred to a registered A2A2 guernsey bull. So, with trepidation, this enormous cow…way bigger than the other cows on the pasture, joined the herd. And she was a sweetie. I’ll give her that. We named her Stevia for fun.

We waited for her calf to come…and we waited…and we waited. 7 MONTHS later…she dropped a calf. But when I saw that calf, I knew I had been had. That calf looked like the Chick-fil-A cows so we named him CFA. That calf was a Holstein.

I gave it the benefit of the doubt until the day Stevia went into the stanchion to milk and collapsed. I called the vet, not knowing what to do. He came out and I told him that I needed him to look at my Guernsey. He stopped a minute and said, “You know that’s not a Guernsey, right? There is such a thing as a red and white Holstein. Maybe she has a little Guernsey in her, but I'd bet money, that's a red and white Holstein.” Our beautiful Guernsey was a Holstein. She couldn’t survive just on grass like our others could. She required a boat load of grain to keep her from going down.

She was an incredibly sweet cow, but we learned some valuable lessons. You always learn a lot from your mistakes as well as your successes.

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