Why soil health is important

Sick soil makes sick plants. Sick plants lead to weakened animals. It takes time….lots of time to rejuvenate a farm. Our desire is to regenerate the dirt and raise plants that are nutrient dense. Our cows and sheep are mob grazed and moved each day. They are in a small area just long enough to eat the tops of the grass and stomp the weeds they hate. (Cows have favorite foods as well).

We have spent hours reading Greg Judy’s book and watching his YouTube channels. We have traveled to Joel Salatin’s farm to see first hand how he has regenerated his land. Slowly we, too are seeing the soil improve and the native grasses begin to thrive. Broom sedge and multiflora rose are still a problem in the pasture, but lots more clover is beginning to thrive as a result of the fertilizer from the animals.

Still it is not idyllic like the pictures you see of lush green fields and beautiful animals. Our sheep escape their paddock and ruin areas they should not be grazing. Cows still have difficulty giving birth. Predators kill new lambs and rain produces so much mud that it is hard to walk on the pasture. That is the nature of farming. Slowly, though even those set backs improve but we must be vigilant to protect the soil. It contains the life needed for the rest of the farm.

Again, we must tend the small space of earth that God has given us to the best of our ability to feed the soil, feed our plants, feed our animals, and feed us. Slowly the land will heal. It takes time.

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