Why You Really Need a Lactating Animal on the Homestead

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

The single most dynamic change to our homestead has been the adding of the milk from our cows. One gallon a day will fatten a pig to slaughter or feed 50 chickens, or feed the dog.

Milk will also provide us with butter milk, butter, yogurt, kefir, cheese, an ingredient for biscuits, and provide calcium for the garden. Milk truly feeds our farm. No wonder everyone in previous centuries kept a family cow. The richness of the product coming from a cow’s udder provides so much of what we need.

There are so many sources that tell of the values of raw milk. I just know that it tastes fantastic. It is almost sweet. The thick cream in my coffee in the morning makes it well worth the time it takes to milk the cows. When we look at the pigs and chicken on our pantry shelves and in our freezer, we owe it to the goodness to milk. It feeds the farm.

The milk feeds the homestead. The cow eats the grass. The cow deposits its poop and urine back onto the pasture as fertilizer and deposits it in the corral on top of wood chips. Once it forms compost, that compost from the corral feeds our garden and fruit trees. Then the cycle begins again. We feed the animals, the animals feed the grass, the grass feeds the cows….That is why I say, “Milk feeds the homestead.”

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